i. Why are curved roads banked? ii. Do you need a banked road for a two wheeler? Explain. iii. On what factors does the frequency of a conical pendulum depends? Is it independent of some factors? iv. Why is it useful to define radius of gyration?

Why Our Class?

Edge in the competition at the beginning, better understanding, efficient output and hence to the smarter path in further career. This is our motto. M.S.classes has been a successful education provider for last 30 years. Offering comprehensive education for XI and XII standards as well as of IIT/JEE/MEDICAL/NEET/IISER.

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced faculty
  • Better Understanding and concept clearing
  • Efficient Output
  • Free atmosphere and Personal attention with personal difficulty solving sessions online
  • Online interactive and live coaching with students involvement


  • Best results (in terms of percentage) in Kothrud region for last 30 years.
  • From day first, students develop interest in the subjects.
  • Target shooting periodical tests(HSC and JEE/CET) & Evaluation.
  • Hammering of basic concepts again and again.
  • Morning/Evening, convenient batches.
  • Convenient and centrally located.
  • Projector facility in the classroom.
  • Ample reference books in library.
  • Limited number of students.
  • Printed study materials and home assignments for each chapter.
  • Periodical contact with parents for feedback and tips are given for improvement.
  • Regular SMS of marks on parents mobile.
  • A/C classroom.
  • Interactive teaching.
  • Concept clearing using online videos and pictures.
  • Students can ask difficulties during the lecture and participate in learning-teaching activity.
  • Online homework checking features.
  • Conduct live tests.

Classes We Offer


  • Learning physics needs playing with gadgets, toys around you, how they work, understanding physics concepts, laws, postulates.
  • Learning physics needs imagination, solving lots of conceptual problems, lots of efforts, patience.
  • At MS Classes we take care in repeating concepts now and again, with lots of examples from day to day life where particular concept is used.
  • We welcome difficulties, queries of students and spare time for revision, extra lectures if student wants with great patience.
  • We have difficulty solving sessions, regular assessments.
  • Our students always shines in his future career having edge over others in concepts.


  • Learning and exploring Chemistry is enjoyable! We Cannot visualize atoms and molecules with naked eyes but via understanding chemistry we can imagine their presence!

  • Our each and eveyday lives are full of tiny chemical experiments. Don't you know?! Want to check out?

  • Our bodies, our kitchen are huge Naturals chemical laboratories!

  • Our basic needs, biological process in us and around us are driven by Chemistry!

  • So learning chemistry is not just writing and mugging reactions but can be a fun filled activity. We teach chemistry with lots of examples and generate enthusiasm and curiousity in the minds of young students. Our Agenda is to introduce them to this beautiful subject by which the universe is running.

Competitive Exams

  • We solve plenty of MCQ's of CET/NEET/JEE level from previous years as well as lots of probable MCQ's are solved.
  • Separate home assignment sheet of MCQ is provided.
  • Solving more than 2700 MCQ's for CET.
  • Group coaching for NEET with 
    1. Revising all important concepts of chapters.
    2. Solving more than 100 MCQ's per chapter.
    3. Solving at least 40-50 previous year MCQ's from AIPMT/NEET/AIIMS/AFMC.
    4. Topic wise test.
    5. Full portion tests.

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